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Friday, 1 March 2013

What are sidewalks for?

I know winter is almost over, so this rant is probably past its relevance due date, but I just have to ask:

"Why don't people walk on the sidewalk?"

That's what it's there for after all. 

I know they might be a bit slippery this time of year, but chancing a fall can't possibly be more dangerous than walking on the road in the winter where you, your child and/or your dog, could get hit by a car.

It's winter, people. As hardy, Canadian drivers, we do our best to safely manoeuvre our city streets. But snow and ice can make things a bit unpredictable, so it makes our jobs even harder when we have to negotiate additional objects on the road. 

We don't want to hit you but it might be out of our control. We're dealing with weather conditions and other drivers — those who drive with reckless abandon regardless of the season and those pesky elements.

Please stay safe.

And if a slippery path is your reason for stepping out onto the road during the winter, what's your excuse during the other three seasons? 

To exit my neighbourhood there is a rather sharp turn, and I've lost track of how many times I've had to negotiate an even wider turn around it during the spring, fall or summer, due to someone walking on the road.

Why? The sidewalks are perfectly safe. There's no snow. No ice. No treacherous quicksand or slithering snakes. At least none I've come across when I'm out walking . . . on the sidewalk.

The only reason I can conceive is we're a population inundated with those afraid to step on a crack in case they break their mother's backs . . . 

While I'm sure your mother thanks you and is grateful for your diligence, you leave me quite perplexed and frustrated.

So, again, please stay safe this winter and we'll see you on the road . . . literally.