Welcome to my foray into the blogging world. I don't promise to be your source for political and social commentary, but I will always endeavour to be entertaining, charming and witty (and by witty, you may also want to read that as sarcastic . . . I sometimes mix the two up).

You will see a mix of poems and/or song lyrics, my skewed little musings on life, the odd rant or two, and hopefully I can pass along some inspirational pieces – either from my own personal experiences or from those who inspire me.

I will try not to work Bruce Springsteen into everything I write, though it will be difficult as he does impact a large part of my waking world as well as a good portion of my dream world.

Enjoy. Be kind. Come back often and visit.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

If you lived in my town

What would I do
If you lived in my town
Went to my school
Followed me all around
Showed up at my door
With your favourite guitar
Sang to me loud
Would I wonder what for

If you lived in my town
Could this be true?
Or am I dreaming
And is this cruel?
You don't live in my town
And we haven't met
You're a face on a page
Maybe my big regret

Because I wasn't brave
And I wasn't strong
Didn't know what to say
So, I wrote down this song
Here in my town
One night all alone
With my favourite guitar
A few words to atone

Words to impress
Or maybe cajole
To get you to stray
From away from your home
Oh, the fun we could have
The life we'd create
The things we could do
If you lived here too

Here in my town

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